June 10, 2014

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

An okay day.

This morning F woke me up. I'm not sure if he did it on purpose at first, although I am quite sure he did on purpose later on.  He started kicking the bed around 5, and again at 6. He got up at 6:30, turned on lights and the TV in the living room, without closing the bedroom door, and didn't bother turning off his alarm.  See…on purpose.

After he left, I tried to go back to sleep, and almost managed to.  I finally got up about an hour early and stayed up.  I worked on my craft project and then had breakfast.  I got dressed and spent some time on the computer.  

When I finished lunch, I washed dishes and then cleaned the sink and tidied up a bit.  I packed up a box of stuff that I'll eventually send to the hotel next week.

I had a quiet afternoon.  I started working on my column, and got about half of it written.  F came home and made himself some ramen right away.  Did say very much to me.  So, when I felt it was necessary, I got dressed and then went out for dinner.  I biked off to Bikkuri Donkey! and had a nice meal there. I read a bit of my book too.

I sent F a text and asked him to meet me at McDonald for an ice cream in a few minutes.  I didn't hear from him and I waited outside for a bit.  He didn't come and I just went home.  At home I asked him if he ignored my text or didn't know if it arrived.  He said he didn't get it and seemed sorry, but it was too late.  As I said to him, " You snoozed, you losed!" 

We didn't fight much tonight, but we didn't talk much either.  F went to bed fairly early tonight… to be honest, I probably will too.  It is so hot in the daytime and I have so much to do that I am tired as well.  

I'm not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow. I have postcards to scan and errands to run.  Wish me luck with it all.  Night.

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