June 13, 2014

Friday - Rainy and cool

A little better today.

I went to bed last night just after midnight.  I think it is ridiculous to try to force me to go to bed that early, but according to him, it wasn't early enough!

I was again woken up in the morning by the TV and lights on in the living room, and not one, but two different alarms in the bedroom.  Better not happen tomorrow!

He left, I tried to sleep longer, but was awake around 8 and got up soon after.  This morning after I checked my computer for emails, I got to work on my project, and finished it.  I think it is rather cute!  

Presenting my Scrap T-Yarn Boa

I had a very late breakfast, and then got on with my day.  I watched something I had taped last night and then vacuumed the apartment, or most of it.  Of course, I saw cobwebs after I had finished and put the darn thing away.  Sigh.  

F came home a bit late today and was quiet and not all ragey like yesterday.  He said he was tired and had had a busy day.  He went to bed almost immediately, then got up briefly and made himself some ramen.  To do him credit, he did ask if I needed anything to eat, but I told him that I would take something out of the freezer.

He went back to bed and fell asleep immediately.  He's still sleeping about 5 hours later.  

I had some carbonara from the freezer.  It was good, if a bit small, plus some Jasmine milk tea.  I read a bit more of my book tonight too.  I'm over 80% done now.  Yay!  It's Lady Audley's Secret, and she has just revealed most of her secret.  It's a classic novel I've been reading for ages, and I am really enjoying it.  

I watched a bit of TV tonight with the headphones on so I wouldn't disturb someone.  I have to say I enjoyed the solitude. Also tonight, I worked on a crocheted rose out of tarn.  It turned out okay.  I'm sure another try would be better, but I probably don't have time now!

Well, that's about it for me.  I'm a tad nervous about tomorrow…will he be in a MOOD or will he be back to his more reasonable self?  Tune in tomorrow night and find out!  Night. 


phu said...

Hey! You don't know me, but I stop in once in a while to read your blog. So thanks for taking the time to write.

It's been quite a while this time, and I did not remember you having such issues with your husband; sorry to see that. The point of my comment, though, is that he reminds me (in an exaggerated way) of how I used to be with my ex-fiancee. It's not all, but certainly part, of the reason the "ex" part is there.

It may not be the same for him, but in my case, I was taking everything way too seriously, making poor (and uninformed, and selfish) decisions, and just generally not taking into account what she -- or anyone else, really -- might want or need.

There's no one thing that really "cured" me (which I'd say I have been, and I think my girlfriend would agree), but I will definitely say the biggest contributor has been learning to relax. Not in the sense of doing fewer things or slacking off, but by making a concerted effort to step back, look at the things I do, believe, and think, and trying to be as objective and dispassionate about them as possible. "Take a deep breath" is the most valuable advice I've ever heard, and it's painful to think I only started taking it in the last few years. Now I do so regularly, and whole-heartedly recommend it.

That's not always possible, but the more you try to do it, the easier and more natural (not to mention automatic) it becomes. I think it improves the way you look at and interact with other people, if only because you get used to taking a moment to consider the things you say before you say them.

Anyway, I hope things get better for you and your husband! Perhaps if he can learn to be a bit more introspective and patient, he'll be happier and more pleasant to be around. Just a thought. :)

Helen said...

Thanks for your comments.

Sadly, my husband is not really known for his introspection or patience, but I appreciate a different perspective.