June 14, 2014

Saturday - Rainy, then clearing, then back to rain.

Much better day!

I can hardly believe that the same man came back from the doctor today.  All week F has been rude and nasty and snapping at me, but today someone nice appeared in my apartment.  It was a tad odd, but very welcome.

We had a nice lunch at Grado. Both of us had the same dish, roasted duck with ratatouille. I took over a stack of newspapers for them too. After lunch, we did a bit of shopping.  I was looking for a rain coat of some kind, so we hit up a larger size shop, but didn't find anything for me coastwise. However, I did get a couple of new tops for summer.  Someone picked up the cost of them…a guilty conscience perhaps? We also visited the drugstore for a few things for my trip and the apartment.

We went home to drop off our stuff then headed over to the Chido Museum.  They have a small Katana show now and F wanted to see it.  It was interesting, although I still don't know much about them.  When we finished, we headed over to Mikawa and did more shopping!

First up was Daiso for a couple of little things, then it was over to the mall proper for a snoop.  I couldn't find a raincoat to fit me…there was only one I could even find anyway.  Hope it doesn't rain next week!  We had dinner, then checked out the bookstore.  I looked at craft magazines then wandered over to another shop and found UV-Cut hats, so I got one. Yay me.  I had one, but it doesn't really cover that much of my face.  

Then we went to see Noah, with my darling Russell Crowe.  Or should I say my FORMER darling?  He was good, it's just that the movie character he played wasn't a nice guy!  The movie as a whole was terrible.  Of course, I expected the biblical story to be expanded somewhat, but I didn't think it would be padded by creatures who escaped from Lord of the Rings…or would that be Transformers?  Either way…just a mess.  

We came home the long way.  We tried to find a bento shop open, couldn't, tried a convenience store for some, but F wasn't convinced, and then ended up at the grocery store for food.  I would have preferred the convenience store but actually I didn't care all that much!

The rest of the night has gone very nicely and even though it is late, I haven't been nagged at or commanded to go to bed, so I'm happy.  Tomorrow, providing I get up in time, we're going to a Squid Festival on the outskirts of the city.  What does one wear to a Squid Festival anyway?  Hmm.  Points to ponder!  Got to go.  Night! 

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