June 15, 2014

Sunday - Sunny and hot, a bit overcast. 

An up and down day.

I got up early for a Sunday so that we could go to the Squid Festival in Nezugaseki. It took us a bit of time, but we finally got ready.  F gave me some of the bread that he baked and was quite friendly.  

We drove to Nezugaseki.  While we were still in the car he started in on me again about bedtimes and what not.  I offered to get out of the car as we were parked at a red light.  He agreed.  I undid my seat belt and was going to get out, when he asked me to stay and come with him.  I did. At Nezugaseki he parked the car, and we walked over to the festival.  He started complaining about missing the free soup…but he hadn't asked me to get up early enough for that anyway.  Then, I wouldn't have some of the stuff he wanted so he got mad at me.  He kept walking off and leaving me.  He didn't seem to understand that even though I didn't want what he wanted, I did want some things!  It was really upsetting.   I also wasn't stopping him from having what he wanted.

We got some dried squid and sat near the ocean for a while.  We studiously avoided all touchy topics so it was quite nice.  He wanted to go to the new Aquarium today. I told him it would be too busy, but if he really wanted to go, I would.  He changed his mind.  

We went and looked at a small garden that has a tree lying on the ground, still growing.  We'd been there a few years ago too so it was nice to see again.  As we got back in the car, I requested a bathroom break soonish.  We passed every rest-stop, convenience store or highway stop on the way back to Tsuruoka without stopping.  Nice!

At home I went inside and F went to the bank. He came home and decided that we should go to the Aquarium.  Okay...fine.  So, back in the car and back to the aquarium.  

We couldn't park near it, so we had to take a free bus from the parking lot to the place.  We went in and of course it was wall to wall people.  The new Tsuruoka Aquarium is a huge improvement over the old one, but it isn't completely "fixed".  There are still too many tanks filled with turtles, fish or whatever, with no attempts to make it a natural place to live.  The Jellyfish were spectacular though.  They did have English information for them, BUT not very well done English! The problem for me is that everyone would stop and take pictures of every single different type of Jellyfish.  I wasn't doing that, so it took forever.  F did take pictures so I suppose I can't complain too much. We got caught in a crush of people and just decided to leave.  We might try and go back on a weekday sometime.  Might.  

We came home again, then went out for dinner to a place he wanted.  I wanted simple pasta…I got a Japanese teishoku meal…ugh…so heavy.  After that we bought groceries.  I told him in the store that I was only buying stuff to cook for myself.  I'm sick and tired of putting my heart into cooking a nice healthy meal and not having it eaten.  

Along the way today, I've had a lot of digs about "not being human" because I don't want to go to bed before midnight.  I think what my husband has failed to grasp that is that I'm an adult and can pick my own bedtime.  I have offered to sleep in another room.  At this point, I'd certainly prefer it!

I'm not sure what the rest of the week is going to be like.  I'm leaving early on Thursday morning for convention and I am sooooo looking forward to it!

That's it for me, even though this is an early update, I'm quite tired and I had a lot of sun today.  Got to go.  Night!

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