June 25, 2014

Wednesday - Warm and sunny

A good day, mostly.

I got up this morning and was half-asleep for far too long on the couch and in front of the computer.  It wasn't good, but oh well.  

In the afternoon I found out about a mistake that someone had made and spent a couple of hours dealing with it. It involved making apologies for the person and trying to fix the problem.  I had wanted to do a postcrossing in the afternoon, but ran out of time.  

When F came home, we relaxed for a bit. I had been watching The Cure, so F joined in.  It was a pretty sweet little movie.  When it was over, we started to talk about dinner, so decided to go out.  F wanted to go to a fish restaurant.  I said it was okay, so off we went.  It was closed when we got there, and Cocos was just across the street so we went there instead.  

At Cocos, F ordered a small paella and we shared their special Brazilian barbecue.  It was huge!  I'm glad I didn't try and eat it all by myself.  It was very nice though.  

After dinner, we went to see fireflies! F drove off to Yutagawa and we drove off the road, then walked into the trees.  We saw quite a few.  It was lovely really.  They are such interesting little creatures.

We drove back to Tsuruoka and bought a few things at the drug store and then the grocery store.  F is going to be in charge of dinner tomorrow.  I brought him some nama soba from Hakuba, so he'll make it for us tomorrow.  We got some roasted duck to go with it too.

When I came home, I found an email from the person I mentioned before.  I also did a couple of postcrossings.  One is going to Germany and another is going to France.  I'm glad, since both of those will probably arrive soon.  

And that is about that.  I'll probably go to bed soon as I'm a bit tired.  I have a few things to do in the morning and afternoon, I hope I can get them all done.  Come back tomorrow night and find out what I got up to.  Night!

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