June 26, 2014

Thursday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and wasn't too tired for a change.  I took care of some business for my woman's group and then had breakfast.  

In the afternoon I scanned my recent postcards and the ones I'm sending out.  I did up a birthday card for a friend and then the prize on my postcrossing blog.  I ran them all to the post office, mailed them all, and then came home.  

I found a rather odd movie on and watched it.  It was Martha Marcy May Marlene.  It was very interesting and I think I'd like to watch it again now that I've read some of the views on what it all means!

F came home in the middle of the movie and watched it too.  I think he had forgotten that he was in charge of dinner tonight.  It wasn't until the movie was over that he started to cook.  We had Hakuba Soba, edamame tofu and roast duck for dinner and it was all very nice.  I did the dishes up afterwards because it was my turn.  

We had a nice quiet evening in.  I watched a lot of TV because there were lots of things on that I like.  I figure that if I have to go to bed early, I'm darn well going to watch the stuff that I would normally watch late now! Does that sentence even make sense?

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I did write up 3 postcrossing cards so I'll have to try and send them off tomorrow.  I'm thinking that I might go and have a cuppa downtown or something. I haven't decided.  I'd like to finish my book too.  Catch me tomorrow night and find out what happens.  Night!

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