June 27, 2014

Friday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.  

I had a nice relaxing day today.  I got up this morning, had breakfast, read the paper and ate some icy treat that F brought by!  I wasn't expecting him, but he came by.

I took a shower and afterwards scanned some cards.  I went out to the mall in the afternoon, but I forgot my book.  

I had a tea and a sandwich in Doutors and hacked the mall a little.  I bought my dinner at Subway and then came home.  I arrived just as F was leaving for his party, so I was able to say hello and send him off with a wave.

I spent the rest of the evening alone and it was great.  I probably should have watched a movie, but I enjoyed some regular TV instead!  I had dinner, finished my book (Dust by Patricia Cornwell--Meh) and vegged a bit.  It was nice.  F showed up around 1 and is still up.  I hope he'll go to bed soon. I don't really feel like going yet!

No idea what we'll get up to tomorrow.  There are a few movies in town for a change, so I hope we'll go and see at least one of them! Come back tomorrow and let me tell you what I get up to!  Night. 

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