June 28, 2014

Saturday-Hot & Sunny, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up this morning, watched a cooking show and then got dressed.  F wanted to go out for sushi, so after a little that's what we did. We had a lovely lunch really.

After lunch I renewed my membership at the craft shop and then F and I decided to go for a drink.  We stopped by home first and I re-applied my new sunscreen.  It almost immediately started stinging my face.  Sigh.  I'm wondering if it is a mixture of the sunscreen and sweat or if I am really that allergic.  I washed it off.  

We went to the internet cafe for 3 hours.  It was nice for a change, plus it was quite cool in there.  I watched some shows on the Mystery channel and read the newspaper, and got on with my little purse that I had put off for a while.  I had to re-watch the videos on You-Tube, but did it.

After our time was up, we drove off to Mikawa to see a movie and do some shopping.  I'm looking for a present for my niece.  I got one thing, but I'd like to find her something else.  Still, one thing isn't bad for a first shop.  

We had dinner-bibinba and enjoyed it, did a little shopping and then came back to the theatre.  We saw "All You Need is Kill" or in the US "Edge of Tomorrow".  I rather liked it.  I'm into sci-fi of course.  It's quite intriguing to think of all the possibilities.  

We came home afterwards via McDonald.  It was raining and I didn't want to get out of the car, so I convinced F that we should do that! He didn't really want to, and we don't usually, so I hope it'll be okay.  

Came home and watched a bit of TV. I was prepared to watch Hotel Hell, but they put it on only in Japanese, which quite annoyed me! The rest of the night I watched a movie and decided to go to bed early-ish! That's it for me.  I have to go.  Night!

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