June 29, 2014

Sunday - Warm and Sunny

A good day!

I slept in a bit this morning, but got up at 11:00.  Yay me.  I took a shower and then we went out for lunch.  F wanted to go to a fish restaurant.  The one that he wanted to go to was busy, so we went to another one.  It was quite nice.  We got a private room in the back, and had a good lunch. I had grilled salmon, F had sashimi and tempura.  He then announced that I had to share the tempura with him.  Hmm.  If I had wanted tempura in the first place, I would have ordered it!  I had one piece of kabocha tempura, called it a day. 

We went to Komagi after lunch and bought some veggies for the coming week.  I got some zucchini, asparagus, green beans, garlic and broccolini.  I hope it'll be good.

We came home and just vegged for a bit.  I went to read on my bed, but fell asleep for a bit.  When I woke up, F and I decided to go for dinner to Komagi.  We had their buffet and it was fine.  I had chicken, quiche, salad and a few other things.  Dessert was quite nice too, and I didn't have to have anything with banana in it.  Yay.  

We went to see Transcendence tonight, the Johnny Depp movie.  It had a really cool idea, but there were too many plot holes and things that made me say hmm.  I didn't think it was terrible, but I didn't think it was great either.  

We came home via the gas station and the grocery store.  I'll be making some kind of chicken dish for dinner tomorrow night.  I hope that it'll go over well.  Wish me luck with it!

Well, that's it for me and my weekend.  It was actually quite good.  I'm glad because I have been getting very tired of having crap weekends because someone is in a snit.  I'll update tomorrow and fill you in on my latest news.  Night!

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