June 8, 2014

Sunday - Sunny but a bit muggy, rainy at night.

A good day.

I slept in today. I woke up around 10:40, decided I could sleep for 20 more minutes, woke up at noon.  Oops.  Sigh. Still, I got up and got dressed.  F didn't seem to be too upset. Hurray for that.  

We went out for lunch to this Japanese place that F's co-worker told him about.  We went there again and it was good.  We had a good lunch, except F ordered my meal before I was decided on it. I was a bit annoyed as I wasn't planning to have the same thing I had last time.  It was good, but honestly, give me some time.  This place is also the kind of place where they just give you coffee at the end of the meal, there's no tea instead.  

After lunch, we made a brief trip home and then went to the Chido Museum.  We had a look at their latest exhibit of woodblock prints.  They were quite interesting and we enjoyed our time there.  I bought us an ice cream cone each there. 

We came home for a while and I took a nap.  I set my alarm this time and got up after an hour.  We went out again for dinner.  Our first choice was unavailable, so we decided to go to S-Mall and split up!  F went upstairs for dinner, and I stayed downstairs and had Subway.  I had a very nice sandwich there.  It was roast chicken with honey mustard sauce.  Yum.  F didn't think that his ramen was that good, so I guess I won! I went through the hundred yen shop and got a few things for my workshop.  

We drove over to Machigakine and went to see Nebraska.  It was great.  Both of us enjoyed it, it was funny and real and sad too.  It will probably be one of my favourite films this year.

After the movie, F and I went to buy some groceries. I'm going to try and make a self-crusting quiche that I read about recently.  However, I just realized that I forgot one of the ingredients, so I'll have to go and get it tomorrow afternoon. 

And that's about it for me.  We came home, I watched Downton Abbey and had tea and English Biscuits courtesy of my friend who just returned from Britain! I'm now up late blogging and watching TV. Tomorrow I will have to go to the grocery store, and I hope to work on my projects a bit.  Until tomorrow!  Night.

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