June 9, 2014

Monday - Hot and sunny

A day that started well, ended badly.

I woke up this morning, ages before I needed to get up.  I lay in bed, thinking about things, finally got up.  I worked on one of my craft projects for a while, got a lot of cutting and then tying done.  I had breakfast and then in the last 10 minutes of my show got a call from F asking me out for lunch.  

I had a quick shower and then met him outside.  We went to Tsukiya for a quick bite.  It was okay.  I asked F to drop me off at the grocery store so that I could buy cottage cheese for the quiche for dinner.  I got that, and a couple of other things, then set off home.  I was very glad that I had worn my hat and my sunscreen today. The sun was fierce today.  

I got home, a bit melted around the edges and spent the afternoon catching up on the things I didn't do in the morning!  I cleared up some of my craft stuff as much as I could.  

In the late afternoon, F called to say he was coming home, and did.  He seemed fine and I started getting dinner ready.  Now, because I was in the kitchen and using the oven it was really hot. I was sweating a lot, but prep went quite well. I didn't have any problems.  Except the usual.  When dinner was ready and ready to be dished out, F was still on his computer.  I had given him a five minute warning, which he ignored.  I told him it was ready. He ignored me.  I waited 10 minutes and then went into the bedroom and sat on my side of the bed.  Then I had a little lie-down.  Still nothing.  He finally got up, saw me in the bedroom, went into his changing room, grabbed his clothes and went to take a shower.  Great.  So, once again, he proves that he is a jerk.  He refused to eat my lovely dinner, so I did.  Oh well, at least I have something yummy for my lunch tomorrow.  

If I continue to nag him he gets angry, if I sit down and start eating by myself he gets angry, and if he doesn't come when I ask him, I get angry. I hate cold food that should be hot.  What is the point?  

So, for the rest of the evening I basically got the silent treatment.  That and crap Japanese TV.  Towards the end there was a news programme, but I demanded the TV at 11 so I could watch something.  

That's basically that.  I got a bit of a craft done, but nothing on my column and nothing done on my packing.  If I can, I might go out tomorrow and have a haircut or something, or not.  I'm not sure yet.  I imagine I'm in for a couple of days of the silent treatment. Yay.  Night.

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