July 1, 2014

Tuesday - Cloudy in the morning, sunny later on

Happy Canada Day!

A good day.  I got up this morning later than I thought I would, but still rather early.  I took my shower first off and then came back to watch my morning telly.  I had a quiet morning at home.  I read the newspaper, had breakfast, and then ended up falling asleep on the couch for 20 minutes.  

In the afternoon I had lunch, and then scanned a bunch of cards.  I brought my incoming cards up to date which was good.  I also got a few in the mail today, which I quickly scanned.  Yay me.

F was late tonight so I got a little extra time to relax.  When he came home we talked about where to go for dinner and we decided to go to Gusto.  I wanted to have an Alberta Beef Burger, since it was on their menu.  

We went to Gusto but for some reason the Alberta Beef Burger was off the menu.  I was so disappointed!  I just had wanted a little something Canadian.  Oh well.  

After dinner we went to the grocery store. F is going to make a carbonara sauce tomorrow, which I guess means that I'll be doing the broccolini and the pasta!  
We had a quiet evening in.  Wimbledon is on, so it is pre-empting my usual evening shows.  

I had planned to go out today, but I'm rather glad I stayed home.  It was nice and peaceful, plus it really did look like it was going to rain more today.  It didn't, but I heard it was really hot and humid in the afternoon.  

Tomorrow, who knows?  I might go out, I'll have to think about it!  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night.

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