July 10, 2014

Thursday-Rainy and rainy

A good day.

I didn't sleep terribly well last night, it seemed that I had to get up a lot!  I'm drinking a lot of water during the day.

I had my usual morning and it was nice.  My afternoon was a touch busier, I did some laundry and a couple of other things.  However, working in the kitchen wasn't great.  The light went wonky and I had to turn it off.  I think the bulb had lasted about 10 years, so it wasn't bad really.

When F came home, I sent him off on a chase to get a new fluorescent bulb and got on with my prep.  I prepared the celery, and started on the broccoli.  F came back and replaced the bulb and there was light!  Yay.

Dinner was great tonight. It was one of those simple ones that just worked.  We had steamed broccoli, salad, garlic pork and celery sticks.  It was all quite nice.  Yay.

Also tonight, F turned on the air conditioner.  I usually try to tough it out, but we were at 80% humidity and I was having a hard time of it.  I was really glad that he did.  

I had a bumper day of watching TV.  I got to watch House and Bones, and then The Good Wife.  Tonight it was a good episode.  

That's about it for me.  I had a good day, got a few things done, wrote a few postcards for my Postcrossing and enjoyed myself.  Hurray for that.  Check back tomorrow and see what I get up to!  Night.


Rosa said...

My apartment in Tokyo had fluorescent lights too. Why do the Japanese do this? They are the worst lights ever! So unflattering and a pain to replace.

I don't miss that 80% humidity. Ugh!!

Helen said...

I'm not sure...our entire apartment has fluorescent lights...the bathroom does have "real" lights on the mirror though. I guess it saves electricity and therefore money?

80% humidity is something that I have a hard time getting used to...Alberta is a very dry province...part of it is semi-desert! But...some of my friends further south reported higher humidity in their apartments yesterday, so I can't complain too much!