July 12, 2014

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day!

I woke up the first time this morning with F telling me that the earthquake alarms on our phones were going off.  Considering mine was beside me and wasn't waking me up, it's a good thing that we weren't hit badly.  I never felt it, but I have friends on the opposite coast who did.  

When I got up, I watched Gordon Ramsey's cooking show.  Today he made Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding and I felt like licking the TV screen.  It just looked so nice!  I showered after F came home, then took a mini nap, then got up.  We went for lunch after that. 

F wanted to go to a fish place, so we did.  It was okay. We had food that wasn't on the lunch menu for a change, chirashi sushi.  It was very good.  No complaints from me. After lunch we ended up buying socks for us at a cheaper clothing store and then went over to Doutors for a drink.  F was nice enough to get us the royal soy milk tea.   

We came home for a while and just relaxed.  I tried to do something on my computer for Postcrossing, but I wasn't having much luck. As we decided to go out for dinner, F happened to mention a new Indian (he thought) restaurant that he saw earlier today and suggested we go.  Woot!  Finally, an Indian Restaurant in Tsuruoka!  

We drove over there.  I'm not sure if it is an Indian Restaurant.  Many of the staff seem to be from Nepal, and they call themselves an Asian restaurant, but anyway, they had Indian-style food.  We both had an economy set for dinner which came with a salad,a piece of tandori chicken, curry, naan and rice.  We got dessert too, vanilla ice cream and they also gave us some mugi-cha.  The biggest surprise for us was that we were the first customers of the evening and the place was hot!  They didn't have the air-conditioning on until we got there.  How was the food?  I liked it.  I had sag chicken curry and F had chicken curry.  We both had them mild, although F put hot sauce in later. 

After dinner, it was off to the movie with us.  We drove over to Machi-Kine to see All is Lost with Robert Redford.  Although parts of it were very Life of Pi-ish, it was really good.  It was very engrossing.  There wasn't much dialogue, considering it was only a one character film, but I was never bored.

We came home after the movie have have been relaxing and watching TV (me) ever since.  I am trying desperately to nurse my poor computer along, because it is running so hot.  I have to stay off the internet and some of my favourite sites. 

I am not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow.  I hope it'll be exciting, so come back tomorrow night and find out what we get up to.  Night!

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