July 13, 2014

Sunday - Hot but rainy

An okay day.  

I slept late today because we stayed up very late last night and I was tired.  I could have slept longer, but decided to stay up when F came home from visiting his mother. 

I checked my computer and read email and then we discussed where to go for lunch.  F wanted me to pick, which I hate, because if I pick wrong I never hear the end of it.  I suggested one of his fish restaurants, but he thought it would have closed.  Still, we decided to see and went off.  When we got there it was closed, so he made me pick another place.  I listed off about 5 places nearby and he picked the one he liked most (and me least!)  We ended up in a Chinese restaurant and it was okay.  I had a pork and egg stir-fry that was good, but too salty.  I left some of the egg because it was just not something I wanted to eat.  

We came home after lunch and F was in a much better mood.  Funny how that works.  We spent most of the afternoon at home…I went into the bedroom to read the papers, then took a nap, F joined me and I woke up but he fell asleep!  

Around 7:30 I woke him up and we went for dinner.  He had asked for no meat, so I suggested Fireball.  We had very nice pasta tonight.  For a change, F got the best one.  He had spaghetti with shrimp and mushrooms in a yogurt sauce.  That was amazing! So nice.  I had mozzarella cheese in a meat cream sauce.  I really liked mine, but F's was just a little bit better.  

After dinner, we hit the grocery store.  F was complaining about not wanting meat for the next dinner so he's going to cook some fish.  I'm going to do the veggies I think.  I'm a bit nervous about how that is going to work!

I've had a quiet evening at home ever since.  I've watched a little TV, but not very much.  I'll probably have to go to bed soon, but I'm not very tired.  

That's it for me.  Not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow, but come back tomorrow night and find out.  Got to go.  Night!

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