July 17, 2014

Thursday - Muggy and rainy

A good day.

I slept a little bit late today, but no biggy. I got up and checked email, then had breakfast and got on with my crochet.  I started the top part of the bag today, which means that I had to change the colour and keep working.  It is so pretty! I really like it.  Friends also finished today, so I'm wondering if the station is going to re-run the series or if they'll put something else on instead.  I just checked and my thought was," NO!"  They're going to run an infomercial instead.  Boo hiss.

I was just going to start shaking a leg, when F called me and invited me out for lunch.  I accepted and we decided to go to the gyudon shop nearby.  I told him I'd be outside waiting when he swung by, but after I changed I got distracted by my computer and I wasn't out there.  Oops.  Still, I was fast going out, so we went over to the restaurant.  I had their diet/light meal which was nice.  It doesn't have rice and today I just didn't want any.

F dropped me off at home and I did a few things I needed to do.  I got some Gotochi cards ready to mail and I rode off to the post office to mail them.  I also bought more Gotochi cards for another person I'm swapping them with.  

When F came home we discussed where to eat. It took a while but we finally came up with a place that we could both agree on.  We went to the chicken yakitori-ya on the river.  We were able to have a seat and had a nice meal.  We had lots of different yakitori and a couple of salads, plus a chicken cutlet that was very nice.  

I got groceries tonight too.  I'm going to make chicken soup for dinner tomorrow night.  After I poached the chicken yesterday, I kept and strained the water, so I'll use that as part of the base.  I hope I can do it properly!

I came home just in time for my TV programmes de jour.  I watched House and then Bones, and then The Good Wife.  I enjoyed them all.  

Tomorrow I'm going to send out more Postcrossings and Gotochi cards, and I hope to maybe run a vacuum over the apartment, plus get a start on cooking dinner.  I hope it all turns out okay!  Wish me luck.  Night.

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