July 18, 2014

Friday - Hot and steamy

An odd day!

I got up early today, turned on my computer and checked email.  Then, I spent some time watching Charlie's Angels and reading the newspaper.  When I finished the paper, I spent more time on my computer!  There's now a gap between my shows.  I watched half of The Dog Whisperer!  I had breakfast and did some crochet during Charmed.  It was a nice morning.

I had a quiet afternoon. I scanned my cards and wrote a couple more. I wanted to be at my limit going into the long weekend.

I ran off to the post office around 4 and when I came back I did a little bit of weeding outside.  Then, I came back inside and started dinner.  I poached another chicken breast and chopped up a lot of vegetables.  I used the water that I poached the chicken in as the base of the soup and it was nice.  

F came home in the middle of my prep.  He was in a bad way, and a bad mood.  He was shouting and trying to get around me without even asking me if I would let him by. I asked him to just talk to me, but he wouldn't.  Then I asked if he was mad at me.  He shouted that he wasn't and went and shut himself up in the bedroom.  I did talk to him a little later and he wasn't rude or angry, just not doing well.  

I had a lovely dinner of chicken vegetable soup and bread, and then did all the dishes.  

I had a quiet evening by myself. I watched a lot of TV and basically enjoyed myself.  It was quite nice.  

Around 1, F got up and has been a bit antsy around the apartment.  He's made ramen of course and seems out of sorts, but not angry or anything.  

Not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow.  I'm hoping to have a nice quiet day.  I'm going to serve my soup for lunch. It's rather yummy, so I think that'll be a healthy hopefully non-fighting kind of lunch.  Come back tomorrow and you can hear all about it.  Night! 

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