July 2, 2014

Wednesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up without my alarm today, which was good as I had forgotten to re-set it yesterday after I turned them all off!

I got up, checked my computer, did a few things, had breakfast and relaxed whilst watching Charmed.  I was relaxing further when I noticed a message from F inviting me out for dinner.  I agreed to go, and got changed to go out.

He picked me up and we went to the nearby Chinese Restaurant that he likes.  Sad to say, when we were leaving, the woman told us that they are closing.  Oh no!  Whatever will we do for lunch now?

In the afternoon at our apartment, I scanned my outgoing cards and then got ready to go out.  I was planning to go to S-Mall as I had a few things to do.  I didn't leave home until quite late, but I made good time.  I popped my cards in the mail, and then remembered I'd promised to go to the travel company to pick up some brochures.  I did that, then hit up the 100 yen shop for a small bag and a spare ball of cotton that I'm using for my crochet at the moment.  Those in hand, I went to the coffee shop and had a glass of Honey Royal Chai.  That was quite nice.  I got out my crochet and did a bit of that too.  It went rather well for a change.  F called me to say he was done work, so I told him I was at the mall and he joined me for a bit.

He had the chai too, and sprung for a soy tea latte for me, so we had a nice chat while he scanned some of the brochures.  He put my bike in the back of the car and we drove home when we were finished.

At home, he unloaded my bike and then got started on dinner.  I wanted to clean and prepare the broccolini first, which in my opinion made sense as it would only take a couple of minutes.  However, he thought I was too slow (I'd taken a couple of minutes to check on a good cooking method) so he cut up an onion or something.  Sigh.  

I prepped everything and left the kitchen to him.  He tried to make carbonara sauce to put on the soba fettucine that he got a couple of months ago.  He tried.  It wasn't very good.  I had a disaster of my own too.  I cooked the broccolini for a couple of minutes, then took the lid off to stir it.  I noticed something green moving rather fast on the side of the bowl.  At first I thought it was a leaf falling, then I realized that it was a tiny caterpillar.  Yuck!  I was both sorry and disgusted.  I never meant to microwave a bug, and I had washed the broccolini thoroughly I thought.  I took the little critter out of the bowl, stirred and cooked it a little longer.  

When dinner was served it wasn't great.  We had lumpy eggy-cheesy goop on top of mostly cooked soba noodles, plus broccolini that was almost turning my stomach.  Don't want another dinner like that anytime soon!

Although I offered to do the dishes, F did them.  I'm rather glad as he'd used almost every dish & pan in the apartment!  

In the evening I wrote a few postcards.  I have a bunch of countries this time, including Japan and Canada.  There's one to Germany of course.  Germany has now become my most sent to/received from country.  

I watched a few different shows tonight on TV.  I saw Nikita, and Lie to Me (it was on a channel I don't usually watch), and then I let F have the TV.  Thankfully he watched some fairly good stuff for a change.  

Anyway, after doing the garbage up for F to take out tomorrow, I'm finally about done.  I hope to stay home tomorrow for a bit and get some stuff done.  I need to do laundry and also maybe tackle some of the many needed jobs around the apartment.  Maybe!  I'll have to scan my outgoing cards and upload them too, with a run to the post office after that.  

That's it for me.  Got to go.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

My DD won't eat homegrown green beans anymore after seeing the little critters that took up residence inside the last ones we grew. Luckily my eyesight is going and I didn't see a thing!

The good thing is that cards reach Germany quickly. That is so much nicer than knowing it is going to take a month or more for a card to a couple of other big Postcrossing countries...

Helen said...

We got these veggies at the farmer's market on Sunday and I was really looking out for bugs, but I must have missed that one. I think I felt worse about microwaving it than actually finding it.

And of course you are right about Germany. Their cards are great, the people usually write good English, it's just that I get bored of always sending to Germany! I often open up my mailbox and get 3 or 4 cards at a time from Germany.

Thanks for visiting!