July 22, 2014

Tuesday - Muggy and hot

A good day.

I got up early this morning and turned on my computer, did the usual stuff I do.  I was so sleepy today that I took a bit of a nap between my two shows, but managed to wake up in time for my other show.

I stayed home today, and enjoyed myself.  I did turn on the air conditioner in the afternoon. It was getting very, very humid and I was very, very sweaty!

I got to work on dinner around 4 pm.  I was making a caesar salad, so I had to cut up the veggies and wash the lettuce.  F came home just about the time that I finished doing that sort of prep.  I had also put together some bread, butter and garlic for garlic toast.  

I checked on cooking methods for the chicken breast, but discovered that I should have started hours ago, so just did it as is.  I grilled the chicken, toasted the bread, and served it all up.  It was really nice.  Honestly, it was so nice not to have anything too heavy on a day like this.  

F did the dishes and I got to work on registering my postcards.  I received 7 in the mail today, plus a package of Gotochi cards that I had swapped for.  I was a happy camper! 

I decided not to send any cards tonight, but hopefully I'll have time tomorrow night.  

We had a quiet night, F has already gone to bed, and I'll probably go fairly soon too.  

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow night.  Come back and find out what happens!  Night.

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