July 29, 2014

Tuesday - Warm and sunny

An okay day.

I got up before 8:30 this morning. I could hardly believe it myself!

I had a nice quiet morning again.  I dozed off between my two programmes, but woke up in time for Charmed.  I also did a bit of crochet, read the paper and had breakfast.  For the first time in ages I had oatmeal instead of granola. 

In the afternoon, I never really sorted out what I wanted to do. I was thinking about going out, but didn't. Cat Ballou was on today and I wanted to see it again, and then I remembered I had a taped show so just stayed home.  I also finished a novel I've been reading today (Conrad's Fate), so it wasn't a bad thing to stay home!

When F came home he was tired again.  He managed to tell me that he was off work tomorrow, but went to bed for a nap.  I woke him up an hour later and we went out for dinner.  

Tonight we had dinner at Cocos and it was nice.  F had cold ramen and I had grilled chicken.  He actually said his was "okay" so high praise I think.  Mine was good.  We tried some of their hot teas and that was nice too.

When we came home, I discovered that Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan was on, so I had to watch it of course!  It had been years, and it was still pretty cool.  Some of the effects were clunky, and the computers were huge, but over all, it stood up.  Ricardo Montalban was great.

And that was about it.  I had a good day.  Tomorrow, I know that F wants to do some business with me at city hall, and if we have time, we might go and see a movie or something.  I'll keep you informed!  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to.  Night.

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