July 30, 2014

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up a little later than I wanted to, but I got up.  F was in the living room. He had said he was going over to his Mum's in the morning so I wasn't sure why.  He didn't go until 10ish.  

The morning was okay.  We had a bit of a spat…F had said he wanted to eat with me, then came home and proceeded to make himself ramen.  Obviously not then.  I ate when he finally vacated the kitchen.

I showered and then we went out. First off we went to city hall and got some financial certificates that F needs, then we went to his doctor's pharmacy to get more medicine for him.  Then, we went to the post office and I cashed in an old traveller's cheque and some Australian money. I'm not sure when and if I'll go back there and I've heard that traveller's cheques in general aren't being used much now.  

After that, we had lunch.  We went to The Grand El Sun and really had a nice lunch.  I had pork and F had fish. We both liked our meal and the pork was cooked…not like the other place!  

We discussed going to karaoke after lunch, but since F forgot about it 3 seconds later and drove by all of the places I guess he wasn't into it at all.  We drove out to the mall and did a little shopping.  F wanted a drink, so on our way to get one we detoured through the kitchen department.  I saw a meat thermometer, so I earmarked it for later.  We had our drink, and then headed back for the thermometer!  We did a little shopping, F did particularly well, he got two shirts for himself.  We had a light dinner at a pasta restaurant, then went upstairs to see a movie.

We went to see Godzilla and I wanted to like it a whole lot more than I did.  It wasn't bad though, it just didn't do much for me.  

After the movie, we came back to Tsuruoka, bought groceries for tomorrow night and then came home.  We watched a bit of TV.  I watched the end of Search For Spock, and then Grey's Anatomy.  

Really, that's about it.  It was an okay day, once we got over our grumblings in the morning.  Tomorrow I'm cooking dinner and I hope to be able to get out under my own power for a change.  Got to go.  Night!

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