July 7, 2014

Monday - Rainy and humid, hot.  

A goodish day…Happy Tanabata!

I got up fairly early this morning, came through to the living room and turned on my computer.  I spent a bit of time on it before going over to the couch.  Unfortunately, I ended up snoozing through half of my shows!  

In the afternoon I scanned my outgoing cards and uploaded them to my account.  After that, I ran off to the post office to post them.  I had to step over a bunch of kids at the door to the outside of my apartment, they wouldn't move when I asked them to.  I dropped off my cards, came back and this time I insisted that the kids stand up and move out of my way rather than just scootch over to let me by.  I know they didn't really understand me, so I did my best teacher voice and I think they got it!  They kept saying, "Stand up" as I was going into my apartment!

When I got into the apartment I put on the TV and found The Gift was on WOWOW.  I just had to watch it again!  I really love the movie.  It isn't for everyone, but I think it is cool.  F came home in the middle of it and watched it for a while before going to bed.

When the movie finished, I got dinner underway.  I set the table, marinated the zucchini, cut up some celery, cooked the meat and grilled the zucchini.  I called F and he came and we ate.  Dinner was good. Yum.

F did the dishes afterwards and we settled in for quiet night. I watched Lost and was lost as usual.  I made a pot of tea and had a cup and it was heavenly!  I can't remember the last cup of tea I've made for myself in a while.  

Things are winding down here.  I'm blogging and watching Suits, which is a show that I've just started watching.  I rather like it. 

Tomorrow night we have the concert to go to at Grado, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog. I probably will as long as I'm not too tired or whatever.  I'm not sure what I'll get up to in the daytime.  

I'll talk to you later…night!

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