July 8, 2014

Tuesday - Warm and sunny

A good day.  

I got up this morning and checked email, did a few things on my computer, then moved over to the couch for my programs.  F came home in the middle of Friends…don't know if he was too impressed to see me relax on the couch while he was working.  Oh well.

After my shows I took a shower and then after a bit had lunch. It was leftovers from yesterday so it was yummy.  I don't often get such a nice lunch.  

I got dressed around 5 for going out. I thought it would be easier getting dressed before F came home and I was right.  After a couple of ideas fell through, I decided to wear my jeggings with my long top that I bought in Japan.  I think I looked quite good.  F didn't wear jeans, he wore a nice pair of pants and a short sleeved shirt.  At 6:15-ish we walked over to Grado.

In Grado, we found a table and sat down.  We got our food first, it was quite nice.  We had edamame cold soup, pate and ratatouille for the first course, bread and then fish fricassee with a shrimp, and duck in orange sauce.  The portions were very small, so it really wasn't huge…it was very nice really.  Since there was nothing on the included menu that I wanted to drink, I let F have beer and I had an oolong tea and then later a Campari Soda.  The concert started late, but it was okay.  I have decided that I may not be a fan of the ocarina as the acoustics in the restaurant made it sound really shrill at times.  The piano portion was very nice though.  We were served dessert about halfway through and it was a cheesecake/grapefruit sorbet blend.  It was lovely.  

We paid for my extra drinks and then came home.  I'm glad that we walked, it was a lovely night for it and the weather was still gorgeous.  

At home we have been relaxing.  I watched the first episode of The Following's second season…a bit oogly, and then blogged a bit.  That is about it for me.  Tomorrow I may go out if the weather isn't too awful. Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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