August 10, 2014

Sunday - Rainy

A good day.

I got up around 11 this morning and F had just made bread.  I didn't have any of it though he asked me a few times.  I wanted to save my calories for later on!

We relaxed for a bit and then talked about lunch.  I was okay with making our own at home, but he wanted to go out.  We went to Subway in the mall.  I had coupons so it was a little bit cheaper than it normally would be.  I had tandori chicken, he had spicy shrimp.  We also had oven fries & drinks.  Yum.  

After lunch we came home again.  We talked about what we'd do later and we both came up with Internet Cafe, but then F said he'd have to go over to his mother's to walk the dog.  He called her though and she said she was feeling better and had already walked the dog.  He was free!  

He asked me if I wanted to go to the Internet Cafe and I said I did.  We went over for 3 hours.  We were able to get massaging chairs right away, so for the next 3 hours I did a bit of reading, and a bit of crochet, and a bit of watching movies & TV.  I watched the last half or so of Marnie with Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren.  It's a cool movie.  Then I surfed around a bit. I ended up watching 30 minutes of a movie about Stephen Hawking staring my next husband Benedict Cumberbatch.  It was good, I would have liked to watch more of it.

After our time was up we paid and headed out.  I was quite hungry and suggested going to Moku-Moku as I couldn't think of anywhere else to go.  F had a Japanese set meal, ginger pork that was huge, I had carbonara that wasn't very good.  It was okay, but I've had better carbonara from a supermarket sauce packet.  

We bought a few groceries at the nearby grocery store and then came home.  I made some tea and watched The 4400 at 11:00pm.  I didn't realize it was a repeat when I turned it on.  

F went to bed a little while ago, I'll be going soon.  I had a much better weekend than I thought I would.  No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow, come on back and find out!  Night.

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