August 14, 2014

Thursday - Cloudy at first, hotter later on.

A bad day at first, got better

When I got up this morning, I was basically ignored.  I got dressed and went for a walk to the park.  I did take out the garbage on the way.  Yay me.

It took a long time and a lot of fighting before F asked me if I'd like him to drive me to Sakata.  I said yes and we went.  The matsuri was smaller than I expected and my friend had nearly sold out of her sandwiches, but she let us have a couple and we had some of her yummy tea.  We had our food and then were able to have a chat with my friend.  It wasn't fair to monopolize her, so we went into the big department store nearby and did a little shopping.

We went to the top floor and had lunch.  It was a Japanese udon and soba shop, but it was okay.  I had a salad udon, F had a salad soba.  We were quite friendly by this point.

We went through the store, I looked at the hundred yen shop there, we wandered down the floors. On the way out, I looked at hats, but they were too expensive.  In the foyer of the shop, they had a hat sale on and I looked.  I got a hat, for a reasonable price, and could have bought a couple more…but when do ladies wear hats these days except for summer sun?  F suggested getting a drink so we went to a gelato place and had a gelato.  It was rhubarb flavoured, but the rhubarb was so light I couldn't really tell that that is what it was.  

F drove me back to Tsuruoka, even though I offered to take the train back.  He got a call on the way from his party people and they were wondering where he was.  He was with me!  

He dropped me off at S-Mall and I went shopping, he went back to his party.  I didn't buy much. I toured the hundred yen shop, found a liner for my hat that is supposed to stop sweat staining the inside. I had a sandwich at Doutors along with some tea and a bit of my book.  Then, I went to Subway and got a sandwich to bring home with me!  So, if you're counting, that is in fact 3 sandwiches I had today.  And they were good!!!

I walked home. It was hot and humid outside and my feet were starting to hurt.  It only took about 15 minutes so it really wasn't that bad, but when I came in I closed the window and turned on the air conditioner and had about 3 cups of water immediately!  I was tired.

I dozed a little and watched TV.  A little after 7:00 F called to say he was on his way too.  That surprised me!  When he came home he did offer to take me out tonight for dinner, but I told him I had brought my sandwich home.  He went out again to get something, then came back and made his dinner. I ate my sandwich.  It was nama ham and mascarpone, and it was lovely.  So nice.  That might be one of my favourite ones to eat cold.

We had a quiet night in.  I watched my Thursday night TV, F didn't object. I'm actually quite tired from all of the walking I did and the heat.  It's so draining in summer.  

It didn't start well today, but I'm happy to say that it ended much better.  That's it for me.  Night. 

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