August 15, 2014

Friday - Rainy and cloudy most of the day

A good day.

I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning, but I did it.  I told myself that if it was raining I didn't have to walk…it wasn't raining.  Then I told myself that I could stop after 20 minutes, but of course I didn't.  I had a good walk, did it a little differently this time.  Today I went around the outside of the park. It was nice.  I was nearly home when it started to rain!

I had a quiet morning.  I tried to snooze between my shows again, but woke up after it had started.  Still, I caught most of it! 

F called me to say he was coming home to eat lunch and did I want him to get me something.  I asked for some grilled fish, which he did bring.  That was nice of him.  He was in a rush, so really could only eat and run.

In the afternoon I worked on my postcards to go out.  I had lunch and then I scanned quite a lot of them. I had a few in-coming cards and a few outgoing to do.  It was 5 when I finished and I thought about going out, but it was raining again.  

F came home and was a bit tired. He had a headache too. I did feel quite bad for him.  We talked about dinner and decided to go to the Nepali/Asian restaurant again.  We were the only people there tonight (again!) but we had a nice meal.  We both had the same kind of curry, Sag Chicken, but different heats.  I had normal, my husband had hot.  

After dinner we came home and watched a bit of TV.  I had asked that we watch Warm Bodies tonight, so I put it on at 10:30.  It was a romantic comedy zombie movie and was actually rather sweet!  I enjoyed it, and F seemed to like it too.  

And really, that is about it for my day.  It went quite well.  Tomorrow we might go and see the fireworks if the weather co-operates.  I'm not sure where we're going to go to watch them though.  Come back tomorrow night and I'll fill you in on my day.  Night!

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