August 16, 2014

Saturday - Rainy and drizzly, clearing later on.  Bit cool.

A good day.  

I got up this morning after F came back from the dentist.  This dentist malarky in Japan is driving me nuts.  He goes every Saturday morning at 8:30 am…for all of 10 minutes.  Or something.  

I watched Gordon Ramsey's cookery show and then I went back to bed for a snooze. It was nice…not too hot for a change.

I got up again a bit later, took a shower and then F and I went to a Taiwanese restaurant for lunch.  I had a pork & veggie stir-fry, F had fried rice.  He didn't like his, mine was pretty good, but not terrific.  We drove over to Voice, the shopping area after lunch to see if the restaurant there was opening their patio up for people to watch the fireworks.  They were.  

We came home and vegged for a bit.  F went over to his mum's to check on her and take her shopping.  He came back an hour or so later and then we went out.  We had a bit of a misunderstanding because he headed to S-Mall to watch the fireworks up there, but we had planned to go to Voice. We headed over to Voice.  We went to the grocery store and grabbed a few things for our dinner, plus some drinks and then went to the restaurant's patio.  We weren't able to sit right up front this year because someone had reserved those seats, but we were in the third row and had a table, so we were quite happy.  We ate our food & also bought some from the restaurant, so it was nice really.  

The fireworks were excellent as usual, but sadly there was a lot of smoke/clouds tonight so some of them were blocked from where we were.  Still, we really enjoyed ourselves.  It was cool enough that I wore my lumberjack shirt, and F was glad that I'd made him bring along a jacket too.  

After the fireworks were over, we just came home.  We had had a nice time, but were tired!  I watched CSI and then Intelligence and that was it.

I have been falling asleep half the day. I'm not sure what is up with me.  I didn't stay up very late last night and I didn't get up early this morning either.  Maybe just tiredness!

Tonight at the fireworks I realized that I have now lived an equal amount of time inside Canada and outside Canada.  That's a bit of an odd thought.  Will they take away my Canada card if I stay here longer??  They had better not if they know what is good for them!

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow.  We might go to the Sanno Road market tomorrow night.  I like those local kind of things, but it depends a bit on the weather.  I'll fill you in tomorrow.  Night!

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