August 17, 2014

Sunday - Cloudy, with some sun & rain

An okay day.

I went to bed before F last night, but he still got up before I did this morning.  Of course, Sunday is my day to sleep in and so I did.  I tried to get up around 11, even set a couple of alarms, but slept right through them.

I got up, and F came back from visiting his mother.  We decided to go out for lunch, and F plumped for his fish restaurant.  We went, but had to wait for quite a while.  We both had the same thing, chirashi sushi.  It was very good to be honest.   There's a couple of things that I don't like about this restaurant though.  After the meal, they give us coffee (or citrus juice), that is included in the price.  I don't drink coffee or orange or grapefruit juice, so that's a bust for me.  During the meal they give out mugi-cha. It's okay, but it's not my favourite drink.  That means that F gets to drink 2 cups of coffee to my one (or possibly 2 if I get a refill) drink of something I don't really like.  Sigh.  

After lunch we went to the new drugstore on the road along from the Chido Museum.  It was hard to find what I needed there, but I did eventually.  We also got a couple of bottles of Elderflower and Lemon Peel Sparkling water (really nice) and a bottle of lemongrass tea.  I've never seen the latter bottled before, so that was why I got one.  I'll let you know later about it.  We came home past the Chido Museum and F realized that he wanted to go there today.

We went home, unloaded our shopping, used washrooms, etc, and headed back to the Chido.  It was the yearly Katana Show. This year they had newly made swords.  If you are into swords they are interesting, if you aren't, not so much.  I told F to take his time and enjoy himself.  I looked at all of them, and thought they were beautiful, but they are weapons…not my sort of thing.  Still, he puts up with a lot of my interests, I can do this for him!

We had a quick drink in Doutor after the museum.  That was nice actually.  We went back home to get ready for going to the festival tonight.  

F had to clean up his bike, oil his chain, that kind of thing before we went.  There were some scary cobwebs on his bike, and probably mine too.  I pumped up my tires too, and added a bit of oil to my bike's chain.  We set off a little before six to the Sanno Night Market.  I navigated us and we made good time.  We parked our bikes and I had to chain them together as F had lost his bike chain's key.

We watched some flag waving, which was interesting for about 1 minute.  After one minute, they started explaining who everyone was and where they came from and it was long and tedious. I was looking forward to cool festival food, but F was being an old stick in the mud and didn't see anything he wanted to eat.  I did buy a spaghetti squash that was on sale for really cheap (200 yen!). I brought it home to cook later.

Finally, I had enough of his telling me he didn't care about any of the food and anything was fine…I was hungry and I wanted something to eat.  We went to a Thai stand and got some grilled chicken and a couple of pork ribs, a Korean stand for a chichime and then had a problem.  There was nowhere to sit.  Really.  There were tables but they were being hogged by families and they wouldn't be moving soon.  We thought we'd find a quiet spot, but there weren't many and they were all crowded.  I asked F if he had any ideas. No.  None.  I finally said, fine, I'm going home.  So I marched back to the bikes, and after we pulled them out of the huge pile, we rode home.

At home we heated up the food and ate it.  It was pretty good honestly.  I loved the chicken and the rib was okay.  The chichime was okay, but we should have heated it a bit more.  

I also found out that F had stomach problems and I probably should have given him a break tonight. 

We went to the grocery store and I picked up food for a couple of night's dinners.  Tomorrow night we'll have pasta, Tuesday I think it'll be fajita night!  Yum.  I'm looking forward to that one.  

It's been a quiet evening here.  F isn't feeling genki yet and I'm a bit tired still. I'm hoping for a couple of quiet days soon so that I can write my Journal column.  I may have finally picked a theme for it.  

Tomorrow I have a few things around the apartment I want to get done and hopefully I'll do lots of writing too.  I also hope to have you back here tomorrow night to check on me.  Got to go.  Night!

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