August 18, 2014

Monday -  Cloudy, then clearing.  Hot

A goodish day.  

I overslept a little this morning, but still got up and went for a walk.  I did have some problems this morning though.  I couldn't get my iPod to work. The screen was all messed up, and without seeing what I was doing, one song started to play.  It was "God Shuffled His Feet" by the Crash Test Dummies.  It was rather funny as the whole thing is about how God didn't do anything when people asked him questions.  I just wanted to know why my iPod wasn't working but….  It stopped working after one song!

Still, I made it around the park a couple of times and then came home.  I was a sweaty mess of course, but that was okay.  I took a break and checked my email and such.  

I went over to the couch for breakfast and Charmed.  I read through the papers too.  I'm afraid I dozed off near the end.  F called me close to noon, but I had asked him before not to ask me out for lunch!  We had quite a few leftovers that I wanted to use up.  We laughed and then he rang off.

I took a delayed shower and while I was in there did a bit of cleaning.  It is usually F's job to do it, but he's not been doing well lately so I did some.  I might do more next time too.

I had a quiet afternoon. I was trying to get my iPod to work.  I thought I had it, but I'm not sure.

F came home a bit late and soon after I got dinner underway.  Tonight I did buckwheat fettucine, four cheese alfredo sauce (from a jar), pork chop and a salad.  It was quite nice and came together quickly although I did manage to burn my finger on the kettle.  Ack.  

After dinner, F had to go to his Mum's house to check on her air conditioner so I got stuck with the dishes.  Oh well.  It didn't take long and they weren't that bad anyway.  

We had a quiet evening around the apartment.  I watched some TV, although I did offer to let F watch some.  I wrote up 3 postcards too.  That's all I can send until some of mine arrive. Ohh, and I got a bunch today too. I got 6 in the mail from places like Chile and New Zealand!  Woot.

Tomorrow I am going to make fajitas for dinner, at least my version of them.  They should be quite yummy!  I'm not sure what I'll do during the day. Perhaps I'll work on my movie column, which I have finally just started.  I have the intro and a few movies picked out, so I have a direction to move in.  

And that's it for me.  I'll talk to you tomorrow if all goes well.  Night!

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