August 20, 2014

Wednesday - Hot and humid, rainy in the afternoon

An okay day.

I got up this morning quite grudgingly.  I really didn't want to!  I hadn't slept well last night and woke up all sweaty and hot this morning.  Still, I did.  I managed to get up, get dressed and went out.  My iPod worked today too, so that was a great bonus.  It wasn't the nicest walk ever, but it was okay.  

I came home, checked email and around 10:30 went over to the couch for breakfast, the newspaper, and Charmed.  I was going to have a shower when F called me at 11:30 inviting me for lunch.  I showered anyway, but had to hurry a bit to get ready.

We first wanted to go to Kintaro Sushi, but it was busy.  We tried the gyudon shop nearby.  It was busy, but were able to get a seat within a few minutes.  Lunch was okay.  I had the gyu-lite, basically beef on salad and tofu.  It's fine, and quite filling.

In the afternoon at home I relaxed quite a bit, started my Journal Column, tried to fix my iPod again, and registered my cards when they arrived.  This week I have already received 9 cards!  It is almost too much.

When F came home he changed his clothes and then went over to his mother's house to check on her and take her shopping. 

He came back and I tried to get a straight answer out of him.  Would he rather have dinner at home after we make a grocery store run for some extra food, or, should we eat out tonight, and eat in the next two nights?  We decided to eat out and went to Kintaro Sushi for dinner.  

Kintaro Sushi was busy again, so we had to wait.  We were seated, but many of our favourite foods were finished for the day.  I only had 4 plates of sushi plus a chawanmushi.  It was nice though.  

We bought a few groceries for tomorrow and Friday and then came home.  We had another quiet evening.  I made a pot of decaf tea and we enjoyed that.  I had put on a movie at one point, but it was a little too creepy for me, so I shut it off.  

F went to bed early on tonight. I'm glad because last night I actually was in bed before him.  

Not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I'd really like to work on my column and perhaps I'll get out of the apartment in the afternoon for a bit.  Maybe!  Wish me luck, and come back and see what I do.  Night.

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