August 21, 2014

Thursday - Drizzly and muggy, hot

A good day.

I got up around 8 again today. It was a bit of a struggle, but not terrible.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go as there was torrential rain an hour before.  In true Japanese fashion though, it had stopped.  

I got dressed up and went out. It started to drizzle for a few minutes and I debated going home, but kept walking.  The rain stopped after a couple of minutes so it was a good thing. I had a nice walk today. I went around the park one and a half times today, and my iPod worked rather well. 

I came home in time for my telly.  I fired up my computer, did a few things and then went over to the couch for breakfast and my newspaper.  

I took a quick shower later on and got on with my day. I had a quiet one at home. I had a can of sardines on bread for lunch and did up some of the dishes afterwards. 

After F came home tonight I got dinner on the table fairly quickly. It was mostly leftovers anyway, so it was all cooked already, it just needed reheating.  F did the dishes afterwards and we had a quiet evening in. I watched a lot of TV though. It was my big night, and it was fun too.
Around 11:30, F prepared a peach for us that we bought yesterday. It was good, but not quite ripe.  

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to get up to tomorrow.  I really need to work on my column. I did a little today, but I'd like to have most of it written by tomorrow night.  That will take a lot of work.  Still, I think it is doable.  

That's about it for me. Night! 

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