August 22, 2014

Friday - Hot and sunny, thunderstorm in the afternoon!

A good day. I got up this morning a little late, but okay, got dressed and went out. I up my route through the park a bit, and I saw a couple of herons near the water.  

I came home and had a quiet morning at home. I drank cold raspberry chocolate tea and ate breakfast, and had a relaxing time.  

In the afternoon I watched Notting Hill and loved it as always.  I had lunch…I made an omelette for a change and that was nice.  I used up the last of the fajita stuff too.  

After F came home, I cooked dinner.  Tonight was simple, chicken, salad and asparagus.  The asparagus was okay…I splashed it with red wine vinegar.

F did the dishes and we had another quiet night.  I'm presently watching Good Will Hunting. I had forgotten just how good it is.  Matt Damon is really a breakthrough artist in this, and Robin Williams is pretty good too.  

I'm not sure what we're going to get up to tomorrow.  I'm hoping that we'll have a good time, whatever we do. Come back later and find out what I do get up to! Night.

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