August 23, 2014

Saturday - Sunny and hot

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched Gordon Ramsay.  F came home when it was over.  We chatted for a bit and then I got tired and went back to bed! I slept for a while and then got up.

We had lunch at Grado and it was nice today.  We both had the same main dish, pork saute. It came with potato and corn soup, plus a canape, either bread or rice and a drink.  It was good.  

We came home and after a bit F took his mother shopping.  They were gone for quite a while.  After a while, he came back and we talked about our evening plans.  We didn't have any so decided to see a movie.  

We drove out to Mikawa and had dinner.  We both had bibinba, which was great.  Sometimes they don't get the bowl hot enough, but it was today.  I added a touch of hot sauce tonight and it was yummy.  After that, we had ages before the movie, so we explored the mall.  I looked for stuff for me, but didn't see too much I liked. We did get some socks though. We went downstairs and had more luck.  There was a bargain rack selling hats, so I got another hat that is supposed to be a bit UV proof, and then I saw jimbei on sale and asked F if he was interested.  He tried on the top over his clothes and it was fine, so he decided to get it.  When the clerk was folding up the jimbei we noticed that it had three pieces, a top and two bottoms.  One was short shorts and the other was longer.  That was great really.  

We took our stuff out to the car and then went into the theatre.  F bought the tickets and then we got into the line for the popcorn.  I had told him that I wanted a medium drink and a medium popcorn, thinking that was what I used to get all the time.  Er…no, it wasn't.  I got a huge tub of popcorn for myself, and F got one too.  We went to see Into the Storm and while it wasn't a great film that will stand the test of time, it was a great popcorn film!  We both finished our popcorn…and F doesn't usually finish his at all! 

We came home afterwards.  I changed into my PJ's but F went out for some drinks for himself.  Actually, he got me some too, which was very sweet of him. 

At midnight I was very happy to report that Project Runway was back, and in English!  I have missed it.  It was okay tonight, but honestly, I feel like when they went to the one hour format, it lost a lot of interesting stuff. Today they had 16 designers in Times Square.  16 people in one hour makes it hard to really get a feeling for anyone.  There's a Japanese designer this time, and he didn't get slung out today, so maybe that's a good thing?  Not sure about his clothes though.  

And that's about it really.  It turned out to be quite a good day today.  I have no idea what we'll get up to tomorrow.  I am hoping that we'll get to the foreign food store and maybe to hang out and have a drink or something nice together. Got to go.  Night!

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