August 27, 2014

Wednesday - Cooler, overcast day.

An okay day.

I didn't wake up early this morning, I overslept a bit and I decided not to go out for a walk too.  My foot was still sore and I thought I'd try giving it a bit of a rest.  I did get up and stayed up for the rest of the morning.

During my "Charmed" time I ate breakfast, and worked on my bag.  I had to make the handle a little longer in order for it to be the same length as the other one.  Funny how that works!  It should be okay now, but I still have to sew the handle in. And then the flower!

I had a quiet day really. I scanned my cards in the afternoon and ran them off to the post office.  The Hidden, an old Kyle MacLaclan/Michael Nouri movie was on and I had to tape the last half hour of it because I didn't want to miss it! I was in the post office, bought stamps and then came home with them.

F was a bit late tonight because he went to check on his mother.  She was fine so he came home and we went out for dinner to Cocos.  I had a hamburger with veggies and a salad, F had some cold noodles. He didn't hate them, but he didn't like them much either.  

We bought groceries afterwards and then came home.  I was hoping to get the ingredients to make stew with, but they didn't have them, so I'm trying other things.  Hmm.  Sure hope I know what I'm doing!

We each watched a bit of telly tonight, so that was nice.  It was just a quiet day. 

I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow.  I really missed going out this morning.  I like listening to my music and seeing the world around me.  Well, that's it for me.  Come back tomorrow night and we'll see what I get up to.  Night!

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