August 6, 2014

Wednesday - Muggy and then rainy

A little bit better day.

I got up a little late this morning, did my usual morning things and then went over to the couch for breakfast and the newspaper and Charmed of course.

Around 12 I got off the couch, made the bed and got dressed. It was a good thing I did as F came home a few minutes later and brought his lunch with him.  He barely talked to me beyond grunts and then when he left for work again, didn't turn off the crap J-TV or say goodbye.  Not nice.

In the afternoon I cleaned the kitchen sink. It sorely needed it!  I also started my stew around 4:30 and soon had it bubbling away. 

When F hadn't come home by 7:00 pm I just decided to eat.  After all, he'd told me that he didn't want me to cook for him anymore.  I had my stew and it was lovely.  I made a chicken vegetable stew and it really was great.  

Of course, F came home while I was eating.  He was a bit quiet for a while and even when I did ask him if he'd like some stew said no.  Over the evening I made some tea and he did take a cup of that.

I watched a bit of TV tonight while he surfed his Google+.  I just don't get it.  I really don't!  

Anyway, he's finally having something to eat, around midnight.  I can't really say anything about that though.  

No plans for tomorrow.  I might relax all day, or I might go out if the weather co-operates. It's kind of fun just thinking about it all!  That's it for me.  I'll talk to you tomorrow most likely.  Night.


Rising Sun said...

Hi, I too live in a smallish Japanese town in the sticks, Okayama. Until about two years ago we lived in Kyoto. But for financially reasons we moved here to my late mother-in-law's house after my retirement. I'm married to a Japanese woman and I am originally from Britain. I understand your blog and daily living. Cheers, Jim.

Helen said...

Thanks for visiting! Living in Japan has good points and bad points doesn't it?