August 7, 2014

Thursday - Muggy & humid

An okay day.

I got up this morning, did my usual kind of thing.  I think I napped between Charlie's Angels and Charmed. They've started Charmed over again from the beginning.  I can't understand why they don't get the next couple of seasons and show them?  Or, switch to Gilmore Girls, or something!  I'd love to program the channel for them, but they'd be afraid! 

I had a shower this morning and had a quiet afternoon really.  I cleaned the bathroom sink, that was my big thing of the day!  

F came home around 7 again and was tired again.  I kind of forced him to take me out shopping right away.  I needed some groceries since he was going to a party tomorrow night.  I thought it was only fair that if he gets to eat something nice, I should too. 

Anyway, when we got home, he discovered that his mother had called.  She isn't feeling well.  So, he's going to skip his party tomorrow night (he was basically just looking for a reason to miss it).  He's going over to see her in the morning and if necessary take her to the doctor.  If not necessary, he'll go to work and then visit her in the evening.  I'm worried that she might be dehydrated.  She's elderly and doesn't want to spend a lot of money on things like air conditioning.  

So, it turned into a different sort of day after all.  

F cooked his dinner, and I heated my stew, and that was that.  The stew was fabulous.  Really good.  I even have enough for lunch tomorrow.  Yay!

We watched a bit of TV tonight.  F even watched the stuff I did a bit.  That was nice.  

Anyway, I'm done for now.  Hopefully I'll update tomorrow night.  Gotta go soon.  Night!

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