September 1, 2014

Monday - Hot and sunny.

An oddish day.

I overslept a bit this morning and had to hustle to get out on the road.  It was also complicated by F coming home in the middle of my leaving.  His mother was unwell again, and he took the day off to take her to the doctor. 

I went for a nice walk, and enjoyed myself going around the park.  When I came home, I did the things I usually do and waited for F to come home.  

I took a shower around noon and then watched most of Psycho. It was nice to see it again. 

I was getting concerned.  Last time F took his mum to the doctor he was home around 2.  Today, he arrived around 4!  I had waited for him to have lunch, but he'd eaten with his mother, he'd taken her shopping too.  I don't grudge her that, but I really don't understand why he didn't phone me!  I had plans to go out in the afternoon, but didn't because I thought he'd be back early.

He asked me if I'd like to have lunch then, or he could do more cutting of grass.  I suggested that he cut the grass since if we went out and had lunch he'd lose the light.  I'd make my own lunch and then later we'd go for dinner.

That's basically what we did. I had leftovers from Friday night and they were great.  F went outside and worked very hard and got most of the cutting done.  

When he came in he was in a bad mood and picked a restaurant that he didn't really want to go to, and I didn't either.  Then he was annoyed that I didn't want to go there!  I suggested another one, that was closed when we got there.  We ended up at Hana, the fish restaurant.  It was okay tonight.  I had a grilled fish, F had raw fish on rice.  

We bought groceries and then came home.  I decided to make chicken stew tomorrow night so that we can have it for a couple of days.  I really don't want to cook every night if I don't have to!  I suppose I could make dumplings or something.  Hmm.  

We had a basically quiet evening.  F watched some TV, so did I.  Yay.  I wrote up a few postcards and I'll send them off tomorrow. 

That's about it for now.  Tomorrow I should be a little bit busier than I was today.  Got to go.  Night!

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