September 19, 2014

Friday - Warm & Sunny, some rain

A good day…a good vacation too!

We're back from our trip to Guam.  We spent 4 nights on Guam, did a lot of shopping, a lot of eating, and had a bit of fun while we were away.  It wasn't all great however.  During our stay in Guam it rained every day, some days torrentially, we had an earthquake and F lost his iPhone at the airport.  Sigh.

Our flight back to Japan yesterday was fine, we went through security easily (except for getting sniffed in highly personal places by the new "drug" dog at Sendai airport), and managed to kill the time between our arrival and check in at our hotel for the night without incident.  I took a nap, F used the computer.  We went out in the evening, did a little shopping and then had dinner at "our place" in Sendai for gyutan.  We bought a few foreign foods and then walked back to the hotel for the night.

This morning we slept in a bit, had breakfast in the hotel, and then checked out and parked under the Aer Building in Sendai.  I went over to the station, got my Gotochi cards and some stamps at the station and then went to the office store I frequent in Aer and bought my Christmas cards AND about 30 postcards.  That would be in addition to the 20 I bought the night before, and the 10 or so I bought in Yamagata before I left.  They are all gorgeous though.  I do send a lot after all. I usually send 30 a month these days.  

We spent some time in the bookstore and I got another Elizabeth George novel, then we decided to have lunch.  We went over to Parco and ended up going for Thai food.  It was a good choice. They had a salad and dessert buffet, so with our main dish, we had lots of interesting food to eat.  I was less than thrilled with one woman however.  She took it upon herself to show me how to make a rice roll.  There was a station set up for doing that.  In the first place, I was there first and she came and plunked her plate down on the space for rolling.  She grabbed a spray bottle of alcohol and squirted it all over my rice roll and then hers.  I protested and said,"It's alcohol!" but she didn't listen until her friend said the same thing.  Then, she took the two rolls and put them away somewhere.  At that point I just walked off as I was too angry with her and could have lost my temper.  

After dinner, F and I decided to leave the city.  We had a nice drive home and made good time.  I think we were home before 5 or 6 pm.  

I took a long time to read email, register postcards and take care of other business, so it was a tad late when we left for dinner.  F wanted fish, so we went to his fish restaurant and had a lovely meal.  We both had sashimi and tempura.  

We bought a few groceries on the way home, I finished reading or deleting my email and I watched a very little TV.  Then, F went to bed.  I really should go to bed soon too as I'm tired.  

It was a good break for a change.  We didn't argue and only had one day where we were annoyed with each other.  Our hotel wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as some of the comments on Trip Advisor had said.  All in all, we really had a good time, despite the difficulties!  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I'm glad you had a nice trip. I thought of you when I saw the earthquake on Yurekuru. Too bad about the rain though. Did you get to play on the beach at all?

Helen said...

Nope, not at all! Then again, that isn't my kind of vacation anyway, so it wasn't a tragedy. I didn't get to use my swimsuit at all...the hotel had a pool, but it was so rainy at first I didn't want to go out in it.

We did take a dinner cruise which was quite nice, if that counts!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

A dinner cruise sounds so romantic. The sound of the rain would only make it better. I wouldn't have missed swimming either. I like to look at the ocean, but don't swim or surf or sunbathe.

Helen said...

I don't really swim either, definitely don't surf and sunbathing is something that I can't do either....can you say lobster?? I'm too pale to sunbathe....The dinner cruise was cool! We enjoyed it a lot.

fatmonica said...

Sounds like you had a great time despite the rain!

Helen said...

We did thanks! Probably one of the most relaxing holidays we've taken together. Still haven't heard about F's phone yet...he has to replace it soon. :-(