September 21, 2014

Sunday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I slept in this morning and got up around 11 today.  Yay me.  I took all of my stuff out of F's suitcase today and found the two Hawaiian style shirts that he'd bought for his sister and her husband.  He was perplexed because he'd already taken them his presents, two t-shirts.  The thing is, those t-shirts were things that he bought for himself, the Hawaiian shirts were for his sister and her husband.  My husband is so forgetful.  Sigh.  No word from Guam about his cell phone either.  It makes me think that someone might have stolen it.  Sigh.  However, he has cancelled it so hopefully nothing will happen.

We went for lunch at Krippa…is that the name?  The Indian/Nepali restaurant that is near F's doctor's office.  It was good. We had a vegetarian style curry today with naan.  Yum.  

After lunch, we talked about going to the museum, or the park where something was happening, but F had to take his mother shopping.  No problem with that, but we also wanted to see a movie in the late afternoon. I suggested that he go right away.  He did, and I'm glad that he did as he was away for well over an hour.

During that time, I scanned some of my postcards that I have received lately and uploaded them to Postcrossing.  I had a lot of cards so it took a while!

When F came back, we left for Mikawa Mall.  We made good time and then I went to the wool department in Aeon.  I got a few more balls of wool so that I can make this baby blanket a bit bigger and hopefully better!  I picked up some blue and pink today, plus a lot of white for the edging.  If I need more colours there are still brown and grey in the shop.

We had a drink and then put the wool in the car.  After that, it was up to the theatre with us to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  It was a lot of fun, and not a bad film at all.  

After the movie we left the mall and were going to go to a restaurant in Mikawa for dinner, but F missed the turn-off.  We kept driving and we were going to head back to Mikawa when F asked if I'd like to go for yakiniku instead.  I said it was fine, so that's what we did.  We went to a place in Tsuruoka and had a great, if oversized meal.  

We bought groceries for dinner tomorrow night and then came home.  I watched a couple of TV programmes, F got prepared for work tomorrow and is off sleeping now.  And, I should go to sleep soon too!  That's it for me for tonight.  Have a good one.  Night!

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