September 22, 2014

Monday - Cloudy early on, sunny & warm

A busy day.

I got up quite early today, even though I stayed up late last night.  I planned to go to a movie this morning, but it was very cloudy outside so I thought it might rain.  I decided to stay home instead and unpack.  Although it didn't rain, I think it was a good call.

I unpacked and set up a bunch of clothes for washing.  I had breakfast and then I fell asleep on the couch for a bit.  F came home with his lunch and there I was.  Sigh.  

He had lunch and then left again, I did more laundry and then hung it up.  I decided to take myself off for lunch, so I went to S-Mall.  I rode my bike and made quite good time.  I ran into the local missionaries today and had a brief chat.  They said they were off to the mall today too.

I got to the mall, did a money transfer, and there were the missionaries behind me.  One of them joked that they weren't trying to follow me!  I went into Doutors and had a sandwich (Sumiyaki chicken with gobou salad).  It was quite delicious. I also had a soy milk tea too.

I got a few things for dinner at the grocery store, then came home again.  When I finished logging my food, I decided to do my sweeping of the lobby.  It took 20 minutes and I was sweating afterwards.  I had just come into the apartment when F popped in to say that he'd be late as he'd been asked to go and talk to the police about an incident he'd witnessed earlier in the year.  

F didn't come home until 7:00pm.  By then I had the table cleared and the water on for the pasta.  He changed and relaxed, I kicked dinner into a higher gear.  

We had quite a good meal. I had bought some instant gobou soup, we had that with pasta and squid and shrimp in it.  We also had a salad that I'd jazzed up with a packet from the grocery store.  F had shrimp pasta, I had tuna.  Really, everything was nice.

After dinner, F did the dishes and we relaxed for a while.  We watched Paycheck, well, I did anyway.  F took a shower.  He went to bed quite early as he was tired.  

I did a little crochet while I watched Suits and sat on the couch for a change. It was nice to have some evening couch time.  

And that's about it for my day.  I was busy with unpacking and laundry, and sweeping the lobby, but it was a good day.  Tomorrow is a national holiday, so I hope that we can both have a good day together.  I've got to go.  Night!

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