September 25, 2014

Thursday - Rainy then clearing

A good day.

I was going to go for a walk this morning, but it was pouring.  I stayed in bed instead.  I got up, and began my day.

I watched some TV, did some computer stuff and had breakfast.  Around 12 I made the beds and then took a shower.  I had just finished when I heard the door open.  F had brought his lunch home with him.  He did bring me some tofu, so that was nice.  

He left again, and I got on with my day. I really didn't do much of note, but I had a nice day. F made one more quick stop to the apartment during the day and then one after work.  He had an important appointment, so was going to be late.

Around 5:30 I started to work on dinner.  I topped and tailed some green beans and put them aside for later.  F came home earlier than I expected, so I kicked dinner into a higher gear.  Today I tried two new for me recipes and they were both great.  I did  classic baked chicken and sriracha orange glazed green beans. They were seriously awesome!  F liked the sriracha orange sauce so much that he put the excess from the beans in the fridge!  I had leftover sauce, I told him he didn't have to do that.  The chicken was easy, but really good.  Obviously it is cooling off a bit these days, which is why I can cook chicken in the oven.  

F did the dishes afterwards and then had to take his mother some shopping.  He was gone for a bit, and I watched telly.  Tonight was one of my big TV nights…The Dome, House, Bones, Once Upon a Time and then after midnight Homeland.  Whew.  

F has an early morning and has gone to bed.  I am up late of course.  I wrote a few postcards tonight, will prep them for sending tomorrow.  I have no plans for tomorrow, just hope that the weather improves early on.  That is it for me for tonight.  Night!


Rosa said...

Okay, now I'm intrigued: What is the recipe for the sriracha orange glaze? Sounds yum!

Helen said...

It's from Simply Recipes, the was really good. You could use the glaze for other things I suspect!

Rosa said...

I've never been to that site. I'm definitely going to try it out. Thanks! :)

Helen said...

You're welcome. I've just started reading it and I really like it. The chicken recipe came from there too, and it was simple and great! Maybe a good one when your partner is out of town?