September 26, 2014

Friday - Warm and sunny

A weird day!

I got up early (for me) this morning and I got dressed up and went for a walk.  I was thinking on the way that my foot hurt a little, but by the end of my walk, it was my hip that was hurting.  I got home and honestly have been in pain ever since when I get up and walk around.  

I watched some of my TV.  I tried to take a nap between my shows, and managed, but I got a delivery from the post office!  I got some books that I had bought from someone in Japan.  Then, during Charmed, I read the paper, did a little crochet and fell asleep!  I woke up 30 minutes later and was terribly surprised that I had fallen asleep.  

I had breakfast, slept again.  Yikes.  I finally got off the couch, painfully, and took a shower.  I did some stuff that I needed to do on my computer then scanned my cards.  I also had lunch in the middle of this, and watched DCI Bates too.  I love British Detective shows.  

It was a little after 5 when I decided to run off to the post office.  I biked off, and biking was fine.  I wasn't putting weight on my hip, so it didn't hurt. A car stopped on the road in front of me, so I stopped too.  I tried to get off my bike, but I think I must have put too much weight on my bad hip or something and as I was getting my leg over the bike, realized that I was overbalancing and couldn't stop it.  My bike is quite heavy and since I was at the wrong angle…anyway, I'm not badly hurt, but I have a small bruise on my left knee, a huge scrape on my right calf and a wounded ego.  The biggest surprise to me was a lady on a bicycle came over to me and asked if I was okay!  It was very nice of her, and I think it was the first time that anyone has shown concern for me when something like that happened.  I said I was and limped over to the post office to mail my cards.

I gingerly got back on my bike and rode home.  F was there already, so I explained my sad tale and he was sympathetic for a change and even got me an ice pack for my knee.  

We relaxed for a while and watched some TV.  We talked about going shopping for new phones tomorrow.  That'll be fun and I hope it is okay to do!  

We had dinner in Fireball and it was yummy.  Tonight we had madai (a kind of fish) and komatsuna (veg) spaghetti in a cinnamon sauce and smoked salmon and mushroom spaghetti in a vodka sauce.  They were both really nice. After dinner we talked to the chef about a gathering next month and made a few arrangements, then came home.  F had set up the bread-maker before we left, and it was due to come of any minute!

We made it in time.  Just.  We had a quiet evening.  F was tired as he started work early today and I was and am in pain still.  Bah.  

I'm not sure what I'm going to get up to tomorrow, come back and see.  I hate to say it, but I think my sciatica might be back, but in the other hip now.  Grump, grump, grump.  That was my day.  Not the best one I've ever had!  I have to go.  Night.

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