September 28, 2014

Sunday - Warm and sunny

An interesting day!

I went to bed before F last night…but it wasn't early.  I was in bed around 4, F came later.  When I got up later for a bathroom break, F was up and sitting on the couch.  He was there for the next few hours too.  

I got up at 11, but we had a bit of a snuggle and then F fell asleep on the bed!  We were supposed to go and look at cars, but F needed his sleep, so I left him alone.  After 3, F woke up and then we went out.  We stopped at a convenience store and got a quick bite and a drink, then headed out to Mikawa to look at cars.  

F has been thinking about getting a used car for a while to replace our car.  He'd like a Hybrid or something that's lower on gas than ours.  We looked, kicked the tires a bit, and then agreed to meet the guy later on at the dealership.  

We went on to the Mall in Mikawa where I made arrangements to have some of my new pants shortened.  I had them measured and then paid.  I'll pick them up next week if we can.

We drove into Tsuruoka and went to the car dealership.  We talked to the guy…well, F did.  F has decided to wait a few months before he buys the car.  I'm a little sad as I like our car, but it isn't very economical.  

We went to have dinner at Komagi, but on the way I noticed a new restaurant.  It's the one that we thought closed on the main road.  It's just moved locations.  Yay!  I'm really glad.  We'll have to go there sometime.

We had a good dinner at Komagi.  It was very crowded, but they put a lot of good food out, so we had lots to choose from.  

We visited a grocery store on the way home, got a few things for tomorrow night's dinner, then came home.

We had a fairly quiet night at home, until F decided to do a last minute clean up for the Fire Alarm Inspectors tomorrow.  Of course, he didn't do the room that really needs it, but that's neither here nor there! 

And that was my day.  It was pretty good.  Tomorrow morning I'm getting up with F and I'm going to spend the morning at the Internet Cafe because I don't want to be home when the guys come in.  I just hate that!

Come back tomorrow night to hear what I get up to.  Night!

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