September 7, 2014

Sunday - Sunny and hot

A mostly good day!

I got up early this morning, as in before my alarms.  I woke up and realized that if I went back to bed for my extra 45 minutes of sleep, I'd probably oversleep, and miss my alarms.  I decided to just get up and stay up.  Over all it was a good idea, although I was a tad tired.

We had lunch in the Indian/Nepali restaurant.  It was very nice.  I had chicken curry with naan, and so did F.  We got a choice of drink plus a piece of tandori chicken and a salad, so rather a good deal.  It was very filling though.

After lunch we took our bedding to the laundromat and washed them.  It wasn't without incident though.  When we were getting the bedding out of the car, I offered to help F, but he didn't listen to me.  Next thing I know, he'd hiked his bag up to his shoulder, and the glass jar in which we'd been saving the coins for the laundry shot out the top of his bag and smashed on the ground.  ARGGH!  We had coins and glass everywhere.  We did pick up all the coins I think, and as much of the glass as we could. We even swept up a bunch of it too.  

We put all our stuff in one washer and both of us did a little reading.  For the drying portion we put things into two dryers, a novel concept for F, but a pretty good one. I got a lot of my novel, Hunting Ground read.  

When we finished laundry and things were done to F's satisfaction, we loaded up the car and came home.  I started to make the bed, I called to F to ask him to help me move the mattress, but either he didn't hear me or ignored me.  I couldn't flip it today, so I turned it around.  I started making the bed, but I was rather annoyed, since he sleeps there too!  We had a few words and I thought that I'd ruined the rest of the day, but I hadn't.  

F was getting the fishing stuff ready for us to go out.  We drove over to Kamo Port and spent the next few hours fishing.  I did rather well for a change.  I got one small aji and two small tai or sea bream.  F got a couple of aji, although both of us threw back quite a few as they were too small.  It was a lovely afternoon for fishing and we were almost sad when we had to pack things up.

We came back to Tsuruoka and were going to go to our favourite place for sushi but it was busy.  We ended up going to Kappa Sushi. It was busy too, but we got a seat fairly quickly and had an okay meal.  

We bought groceries for the next couple of days of meals and then came home.  F cleaned the fish and made bread for tomorrow.  We're having soup and sandwiches tomorrow night, so it shouldn't be too much work.  

I watched Byzantium tonight.  What a cool little Vampire thriller.  I had a hard time taking my eyes off the screen of the TV.  It wasn't for everyone, but it was moody and dark and a little sad.  I loved it.

And that was about my day.  I wrote a few postcrossing cards and hope to get to bed soon.  That's it for me.  Got to go.  Night.

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phu said...

Tai is delicious! I'm not typically a fan of cooked fish (particularly salmon, which oddly enough is my favorite thing to eat raw), but man, every time I've had tai -- cooked or not -- I've loved it.