September 8, 2014

Monday - Hot & Sunny, nice wind

A good day.

I had a baddish night last night. I kept waking up every couple of hours so when I finally woke up this morning I was tired.  I did get up and go for a walk though!  In fact, I went for a few extra minutes.

When I came back from my walk, I checked my email and such and then went over to the couch for my TV programmes.  Unfortunately, I dozed off on them.  I woke up a few minutes after twelve after dreaming that we were having an earthquake.  My cellphone alarm didn't go off, and there were no notifications on the TV, so I finally convinced myself it was a dream.  

I showered, did some of my computer work and then wrote one more card and then scanned them all.  Around 4:40 I headed over to the post office and mailed my cards.  When I came home, I put my purse in the apartment and came out to sweep the apartment building.  It took me a few minutes, but looked good afterwards.

I went back inside, washed my dishes from lunch and the miscellaneous dishes around the apartment.  Then, I started to set the table for dinner.  F emailed me to say he'd be late as he was in Sakata.  I took a break for a while.

After a bit, I did more prep for dinner and F called to say he was done, and would now visit his mother.  He was there a while, but it gave me the chance to cut the bread, the duck and get more of the food on the table.  

When he came home I asked him if he'd like to change, he would.  Then, we had dinner.  It was very simple tonight, just grocery store soup and make your own sandwiches, but it was very nice.  F had made the bread last night, my favourite pain de compagne, which is tres yummy.  

I gave him a break and let him off the dishes.  I cleared the table, did the dishes and even cleaned the table.  Then I was done.  

We both relaxed for a while.  I watched a couple of shows, and F went to bed around midnight.  He was quite tired.  I am tired, but I'm still up.  Sigh.  I have a book that isn't going to read itself and I had some email to check.  

So that's it for me.  Tomorrow I'm going to cook a bit for dinner, but it should be fine really.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to.  Night!

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