October 11, 2014

Saturday - Cloudy/sunny

A good day.

I had a pretty good day today.  I got up a bit after 9.  F had just come back from the dentist.  We spent time on our computers, I watched a couple of BBC programmes on telly.  

I cooked our brunch today.  I wanted to use up some of the leftovers in the fridge, so I made chicken and vegetable omelettes.  There wasn't anything else to eat!  F had eaten all the bread and the freezer didn't have anything brunch like in it.  The omelettes were good and were well received.  

After lunch we took a nap for a while.  I got up after a bit, but F slept on.  I let him sleep until after 5 pm.  I thought if he needed to sleep that much, he probably needed it.

I woke him up to suggest that we go for dinner before the movie.  He in turn suggested a new to us place, a Japanese restaurant not too far away from us.  We went and it was really good.  I had something called Pork Piccata…but it wasn't what the recipe books call pork Piccata, but it was good.  F had a donburi with teriyaki pork. We were quite pleased with our meal and there are lots of other things on the menu to check out.  

We had about an hour after dinner and before the movie, so we went to S-Mall and had Doutors.  I had a hot Royal Milk Tea with soy milk and it was lovely.  F had a Marron Latte and said he liked it.  We did a quick Daiso run too, but I didn't buy anything at all! 

We went to the theatre and arrived in almost perfect time for the movie.  We bought our tickets, then our popcorn and went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel.  I loved it.  It was quirky and I never knew quite what was going to happen next.  I didn't think I would like it as much as I did, and I had been worried that F wouldn't like it at all.  He did.  

After the movie, we came home.  I made tea, F made bread.  I watched Under the Dome at 11, and so did F. I was surprised as I didn't think he would. I've been spending a bit of time on my computer, writing my review and listening to my music.  

Tomorrow we might go to the next city over, if we can get up early enough!  Or, if the weather is bad, we might just stay home.  I'm really not sure what we'll do then.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Night!

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