October 15, 2014

Wednesday - Sunny and clear

A good day.

I was pretty ticked at my husband last night and that carried over until this morning.  He phoned me this morning to invite me out for lunch.  I said no, but he sounded so sad that I relented and said I would meet him.  I offered to walk to the restaurant and meet him there. 

I showered and got dressed.  I waited until noon and then I walked over to the Chinese restaurant about 5 minutes away.  F was late, but not too much.  

We had an okay lunch. I had seafood yakisoba which was pretty bland.  I didn't like it much.  F had a pork stew and I really wish I'd had that instead! After lunch, he drove me back home and went back to work. 

I had to do a little prep for our dinner today, so I made a garlic marinade for the pork we'd bought for dinner. I didn't take too long, and I put it back in the fridge to work it's magic.

In the afternoon I scanned some cards and discovered that Project Runway was on the sports channel for some reason.  I don't really care why, I watched it anyway!  It was old, but great!  Around 4:30 I biked off to the post office and mailed my cards and bought a few stamps.  I came home again and started thinking about dinner.  

I got last night's soup out and started it reheating on the stove. F wasn't too late tonight, and I was able to get dinner on the table fairly early.  We had soup, salad, garlic pork and kiku - chrysanthemum flowers for dinner and it was nice.

F did the dishes and then went to his spot on the couch.  Later tonight I asked him to move over (lately he's been sitting in the middle of the couch) and I watched TV and crocheted a couple of my squares.  That felt nice really.

And that's about it for my day.  The glasses shop has called and my glasses are ready, so we'll probably pick them up tomorrow night.   Yay! 

Oh, and I haven't updated about the fitness thing.  I haven't been walking for a few weeks because my hip is still sore when I walk a lot.  Basically, any time I get up, get into the car, or try to walk fast it starts to hurt.  Gah!  It's better than it was, so I am hoping that a bit more rest will make it better.  

Anyway, I have to get to bed now, so I'll try and talk to  you tomorrow.  Night!

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