October 17, 2014

Friday - Rainy in the morning, sunny later on.

A good day.  

I got up this morning and decided to take my shower right away. I think it was a good decision!  

I watched a little TV, had breakfast and then set off.  I walked to the local theatre, Machi-kine to meet up with a friend.  She was able to meet me just before the movie started, so I met her at her car, and we went in.  I bought myself some popcorn and a drink, she had a snack too.

We went to see Grand Budapest Hotel and had a great time.  I had seen it on the weekend, but my friend hadn't and as it was the last day it was playing locally, we really wanted to see it today.  It was great, even the second time around.  

After the movie we went to S-Mall to have a drink and a light lunch in Doutor.  I had the newest sandwich, the smoked salmon and shrimp one and it was good.  When we finished we chatted a little longer and then did a bit of shopping in the mall.

She dropped me off at my apartment and I went in.  I took out the yakiniku pan for dinner and I waited for F.  He came around 5:30 and relaxed for a bit.  Later on, I thought I was going to get things ready for dinner, but he did.  We had some nice yakiniku and lots of yummy veggies too.  

I did the dishes and then settled in to watch a few TV shows.  I did offer the TV to F a couple of times so I don't feel too guilty!

Tomorrow is a big day.  My big purchase is supposed to arrive although I probably won't try to set it up until next week in all honesty.  Also, F wants to go and see a movie and I'd like to too.  He also wants to try a fish restaurant at lunch.  Wish me luck with that! I have to get to bed soon, so I'm off.  Night!

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