October 18, 2014

Saturday - Sunny then rainy

An okay day, ended badly.

I got up before 9 this morning because I knew I'd be getting a delivery soon. I even got dressed.  F was still in bed for quite a while.  My computer finally arrived.  I did open the box and have a look at it, but I closed it all up again. I knew that I wouldn't have time to look at it yet.

I went back to bed for a nap.  F wasn't too impressed because he wanted to go out on the dot of whenever to have lunch at a special fish restaurant.  Barf.  After a while I got up again and we tried to go to his restaurant.  We got there and it was full.  He was mad…at me.  Okay, whatever.  He was put out but I suggested that we come back in 30 minutes and see if there was room again.  That seemed to cheer him up, and that's what we did.  We went to the Komagi area and bought some veggies and fruit in the meantime.  

We went to the restaurant and got seats at the counter.  The food was good, but, you know, raw fish isn't that exciting to me these days!  F was happy though, and that made it worth while.  We went home again to pick up some tickets to an ikebana show and put the veggies in the fridge.  One problem…F couldn't find the tickets.  So, we stayed home and used our computers.  

Around 5:30 F wanted to head over to Mikawa, but there was torrential rain at the time.  We waited a few minutes and then went out.  We drove over to the mall and had dinner in a restaurant.  F went there too and had ramen which he didn't like, I had steak and chicken which I did like!  

After dinner we had a run around Uniqlo, did a little shopping there.  F took the stuff out to the car then.

We went up to the theatre and bought our tickets for Grace of Monaco.  A little while later we went in and saw the film.  I didn't really like it.  I was buying it until near the end though.  They did a huge close up of Nicole Kidman's eyes and nose.  All I could think of was that she had a lopsided nostril and I wasn't sure if it was natural or a surgery mistake.  I couldn't even listen to what she was saying…I tried looking in her eyes, but all I could see was this strangely shaped nose hole.  Then, the last scene of the film really threw me and I didn't "get" it at all.  So, not the greatest reaction to a film then.

We came home and on the way F talked about making fig bread and I promised I'd look up some recipes for him.  When I did, and I tried to talk to him about them, he was obviously not really listening.  I gave him a print out of the recipe, but he was just not there with me.  I suggested that he not make bread tonight because he seemed really tired.  He said he was fine and then did more of it.  I was a little miffed because I wanted to use the microwave and he was in the way, so I said something "under my breath" that he heard.  Oops.  I basically said something like he was always in my way.  He got angry and stopped making bread at that point.  I think he did get back to it before he went to bed, but he wouldn't talk to me.  I did apologize for being rude.  

Anyway, that's about it for me.  I hope he's feeling better in the morning.  The bad weather hasn't been good for my husband, his back hurts more when it rains.  Sigh.  I have no idea now what tomorrow will be like.  Wish me luck.  Night!


phu said...

Argh; we all have our inner monologue that sometimes just isn't terribly polite, and it sucks when it accidentally comes out. I hope today is better!

Steak and chicken sounds really great, though, so that's something. :)

The bread in stores here (Tokyo, at least) is really, really light; does the stuff you/he make at home turn out that way or is it more dense? I don't know if Canadian bread is the same as in the US, but it's definitely more dense in the latter, both from the store and from appliances (I'm assuming you have a bread maker, I thought I read that in a previous post but I'm not sure).

Helen said...

It was family restaurant in the mall steak and chicken though...not the best quality, but I did enjoy it!

Yes, we do have a bread-maker, so our bread is a little bit more dense at times. We also buy whole wheat flour from Alishan so we can make much nicer, more nutritious bread too. My DH makes the bread these days...he likes the light white stuff of course, while I really prefer something more chewy with body!

Canadian bread is much nicer than Japanese I think. I haven't compared it to US bread, personally, but I miss it a lot.

Yes, my inner monologue causes a lot of problems when I let it out. Sigh. Still, things are looking up this morning...fingers crossed.

Thanks for visiting :-)

phu said...

Understood. I had a burger nearby that was well done (i.e. overdone), but man, just having more familiar food like that can be really nice sometimes.

I'm definitely a fan of the whole grain thing, flour and otherwise; I always made brown rice in the US. I don't know if they have quinoa here, but that stuff is amazing. I think Canadian and US bread are likely similar considering how close everything else is. Except poutine. When that catches on in the US I'll immediately go back. ;)

Glad to hear things are going better!