October 22, 2014

Wednesday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I got up a bit late this morning, but got up finally.  I had a lazy relaxing morning and was just going off to take a shower when F called.  He was planning to come home for lunch.  He was bringing a bento and offered to bring me something too.  I told him I didn’t want one right now, and I’d be in the shower.

He came home and ate his bento.  We watched a bit of Revenge together and then he went back to work.  I had a quiet afternoon, but I was behind and didn’t get much of my column written.  

For lunch, which was very late, I made myself an omelet.  I had a duck, cauliflower and avocado omelet and it was fabulous!  So nice.  I just haven’t had one in ages, know what I mean?

F came home around 6 and we decided to go out at 6:30 for dinner.  I suggested the Komagi buffet and so we drove there.  When we arrived we were surprised at how quiet it was and discovered that there wasn’t a buffet tonight. Sigh.  We drove back towards home and tossed a few ideas around for dinner.  We finally decided on Hykkenbori, the university restaurant.  It was almost empty so we were seated right away.  We had a really nice meal.  F had udon noodles and I had pork stew, Japanese style.  My meal was lovely.  The only drawback was there was no tea or coffee on the menu and we would have loved some.  I had promised myself that I could have a dessert at the buffet, so I wanted a little something.  I didn’t get it.

We came home via the grocery store.  Tomorrow we’ll have miso pork and salad, on Friday a nabe I think.  I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to cook for Friday, so I sort of used the Japanese solution!

At home we unpacked the groceries and then settled in for a nice night.  I made a pot of tea, framboise chocolate…to die for, and at 10 I went over to the couch to crochet and watch CSI.  I got two little squares done during the show, so yay me.  

After midnight, we did something quite unusual.  We went outside.  Fumihiko told me that there was supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, so we went out to see.  We were outside for about 20 minutes but didn’t see very much. I think we did each see at least one meteor, but it was so cloudy outside that it was hard to see.  It was really nice to be able to go outside together and look at the stars.  We’ll try again next month for the Leonids!

And that was my day.  I came in and watched my shows, F finally took his bath and we’ll go to bed soon.  It was a good day.  I’ve got to go.  Night!

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